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Create a website with a Homepage and different pages.


Basic Knowledge of Windows and Internet
Basis knowledge of Office is an advantage suite is but is not mandatory.


Create a Web Site

  • Presentation and definition of Internet: the working principles, the different protocols
  • The basics of the HTML language: the tags, edit a simple page
  • Dreamweaver and its working environment (floating menus…)
  • Basic techniques and graphical possibilities
  • Preview and use the HTML language in Dreamweaver
  • The functions of the site manager

Create Web pages

  • Structure of the web site (creation of image folder, background, pages)
  • Set the tree structure
  • Create and open pages
  • Create and use templates
  • Different display settings: simulation of screen resolution: 640x480, 800x600, etc…
  • Test the HTML code compatibility in different browsers
  • Use toolbars and shortcut icons
  • Edit and format text
  • Define the templates
  • Use hyperlinks: create and modify navigation between pages

Work with images, use tables and frames

  • The different picture formats used in the Web domain: GIF, JPG et PNG
  • Optimize pictures for the Web: size, weight
  • Create different picture formats by using various editors (Photoshop or Image Composer)
  • Set the image resolution, the color palettes and the properties for each format (transparency, etc…)
  • Create interactive images (map) and animated pictures
  • Insert a background image
  • The properties of pictures
  • Use tables: creation, edition, alignments and the background picture or colors
  • Split the screen into different panes: the frames and how to move inside and between
  • Create animations: Basics of the DHTML (Dynamic HTML) and layers
  • Use layers for the page layout
  • Convert layers into tables

Publish the web site

  • Choose a Web provider
  • Use the site manager for broken links
  • Define and setup the site
  • Use the FTP function from Dreamweaver

Practical info

3 Days   |   €  N/A   |  # DREATRO

This training is only on request. Contact us for terms and conditions.

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