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Adobe Flash



Create animations within a webpage.


asic knowledge of Windows and Internet.


Flash environment

  • Discover the Flash workspace 
  • Menu bar - Stage - Timeline - Toolbar

Drawing tools

  • Difference between stage/shape level
  • Line, oval, rectangle, pencil, brush, ink bottle, paint bucket, dropper, eraser and magnifier tools
  • Selection tools: lasso and arrow tools
  • Text tool - Overlay level - Custom gradients


  • Symbols and instances
  • The library
  • Using instances (properties, brightness, tint, alpha…)
  • Editing symbols


  • Animation basics (key frames and in-between frames)
  • The timeline
  • Layer controls
  • Frame by frame animation and properties


  • Motion tweening and Motion guides
  • Using mask layers in animation
  • Movie clips


  • The button timeline
  • Creating buttons and use buttons on the stage

Interactivity actions

  • Frame actions and the timeline – Selecting actions – Frame labels – Movie structure

Interactivity: tell target

  • Unique identities for movie clips
  • Select actions
  • Manage animations


  • Importing sound files to Flash
  • Assigning and modifying sounds, setting sound behaviors

Importing external media

  • Importing bitmap images
  • Importing vector images from other applications


  • Planning a preloader
  • Creating scenes
  • Publishing

Practical info

2 Days   |  630 €  |  # FLASTRO
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