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Create powerful PowerPoint presentations New

Create powerful PowerPoint presentations


Learn how to present a tough or technical subject in a simple manner. Learn how to keep the audience attention and interest. PowerPoint will be used as a communication tool.


Good practical skills in PowerPoint.


Prepare your presentation

  • Collect and synthesize the subject
  • Structure your speech
  • Understand the communicaion rules
  • Different elements of a presentation: message, transmitter, audience
  • Take the audience into account

How to be clear

  • Use simple words
  • Create short sentences
  • Explanation in 3 points

Golden rules for slides design

  • Discover the basic rules for designing an attractive slide
  • Designing the different slides in an homogeneous way
  • Position the different objects on the slide in order to make it readable
  • Choose the correct graph
  • Choose the correct scheme according to the speech

Practical exercises with your company's templates

Designing an efficient navigation between slides

  • Use different structures for your explanations and slides appearance
  • About slide transitions
  • How to use animations
  • Use manual or automatic slide shows

Tools during your presentation

  • Getting help with your notes and comments
  • Design several speechs by using hyperlinks, action buttons or by hiding slides

Conclude your speech

  • Conclusion
  • The final word

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