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Training PMI (Level 1) - Projects Management Fundamentals

Training PMI - Projects Management Fundamentals


Understanding the project management fundamental methods.

Learning how to use simple and effective techniques to manage projects in every step of their life cycle. 

Learning how to clarify the objectives, to transform a contract into deliverable.  

Profile of participants

This formation is addressed to the Heads or to Officers Projects, to any member of a team of project and to any recipient of a project. 


Introduction to Project Management methods of PMI

  • What’s a Project? 
  • What’s the management of project?  
  • Triple constraint, cost - time - quality (scope) 
  • the project life cycle

Project Start

  • Identifying the Stakeholders and needs
  • Defining the objectives  
  • Writing a schedule of Project Plan?  
  • Choosing projects (selection methods and criteria )
  • Giving life to the project (charter)  
  • Launching the project (charter)

Project Environment and Organization 

  • Identify the environment, the impact of the company organization 
  • The Project Management Office (PMO)  
  • Building and t organizing the resources  
  • The team life (motivation, conflicts) Authority and responsibilities of the project manager.

Project Communication and Documentation

  • Responsibility Matrix
  • To keep stakeholders informed : the communication plan 
  • Organizing the meetings  
  • Documentation Plan of the project  
  • Building a project plan based on the organisational constraints, of costs, times and quality.  
  • Setting up an organization and a powerful team.

Project Planning 

  • The project Contents : Splitting into Deliverable  
  • Using the predecessors and successors method to calculate the critical path
  • Using the Project Graph (diagram, network) of (PERT) 
  • Optimizing the deadline (critical path and margins) to estimate the costs, times, durations, resources…  
  • Estimating the risks. There is no Project without risks 
  • Building a referential tools (arbitrations, smoothings) 
  • Finalize the project plan (resources, Workloads and calendar)

Project Realization

  • Providing the resources.  
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Status

Project Control (Change Management)

  • Why the Changes should be managed  
  • How to manage the Changes; procedures, approval etc  
  • Documenting the changes (alternatives)

Project Close out

  • When a project is finished? To check the contents of the project?  
  • To close " administratively" and "juridically"a project 
  • Dissolving the team.
  • Project Close out and Lesson Learning…

Practical info

3 Days   |  1 380 €  |  # PROJMGT1
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