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Improve your Time Management and use Outlook as a tool New

Improve your Time Management by using Outlook


Manage your time in an effective way. Use Outlook's advanced features to improve your work organization.


Basic knowledge of Outlook.



  • Time: definition
  • Behavior towards time

Analyze your time-table

  • Evaluate your time use
  • Discover causes of time loss
  • Know demands in terms of time
  • You and your schedule
  • Know your productive hours
  • Organize your desktop and your tools
  • Quickly access and find some documents or pieces of information

Time stealers

  • Discover the main external time stealers
  • Manage phone calls, mails, visitors….
  • Avoid interruptions

Use Outlook to manage your priorities

  • About priorities
  • Define professional objectives
  • Define private objectives
  • Define priority levels for your tasks
  • Use Outlook to define your tasks and assign a priority

Change your Outlook Calendar's display in order to be more efficient

  • Create and use views in your folders
  • Set up the calendar display to make it more effective

Use the Calendar or the Tasks list

  • What do you have to plan in your calendar?
  • What do you have to place in your tasks list?
  • How to end your workday with an up-to-date tasks list?
  • Delegate tasks
  • Use contacts forms to manage your tasks

Create and manage Categories

  • Use categories in all Outlook items
  • Change the color of an appointment according to a category
  • Use rules to assign categories
  • Grouping your view by Category

How to perform effective searches

  • Searching an item in Outlook
  • Searching by using categories


Practical info

1 Day   |  390 €  |  # OUTLGER
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