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PowerPivot Advanced - Excel 2013

Excel - PowerPivot Advanced


Data analysis with PowerPivot.


Very good knowledge of Excel.


Managing data sources
  • Various data types
  • Choosing a data source
  • Databases
  • Multi-dimensional databases
  • Data feeds
  • Principles and OData protocol
  • OData feeds
  • Azure Data Market
  • Restricting data feeds
  • Remarks on Open Data
  • Files
  • SharePoint
  • Clipboard
  • Excel table
  • How to prepare data
Linking data
  • Problem
  • Using relationships
  • Formatting Data
  • Initial formatting
  • Integrating data in PowerPivot
  • Creating the first PivotTable report
  • Creating a relationship
  • Use of calculated elements, difference between “Calculated column” and “Measure”
  • Creating calculated columns (including the use of the “RELATED” function)
  • Creating hierarchies
  • Creating measures
  • Function categories
  • Contextual filter
  • Using DAX to adapt calculations
  • Using DAX to modify the context for filters
  • What is required to use the DAX ‘Time Intelligence’ functions
  • Managing sets
  • Totals (ALLSELECTED)
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Adding PivotChart
  • Linking slicers
  • Filtering and sorting labels
  • Formatting Contents
  • Adding a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Page Layout
  • Managing groups

Practical info

1 Day   |   €  N/A   |  # POWERPIVOTAV13

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