10 Good reasons


Key Job brings you 25 years of customer excellence in training and support services

Our company is known for its following strengths:

  1. A strong sense of customer satisfaction thanks to our quality strategy
  2. A rigorous and effective organisation that combines availability and flexibility
  3. A team totally dedicated to your success
  4. A team of trainers / consultants made up of experts in their field
  5. A diverse offer of support services and training in IT and management skills 
  6. A range of training focussed on efficiency and new skills development
  7. An open and professional training atmosphere  
  8. A  Skills Development centre recognised and certified by leading organisations
  9. A global service offering in computerised training solutions
  10. Proven teaching methods

Our key figures:

  • 25 years of experience
  • Working with more than 1,200 client organizations
  • 92 % of our customers are 'very satisfied' with our services
  • 15 in-house consultants and 30 external experts
  • Over 100 courses developed and organised by Key Job
  • 9834 trainees in 2011
  • 5000 tests and certifications in 2011

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