Microsoft Certifications (MOS)

Certification, a tool to measure skills development

Microsoft office specialist For companies that place great emphasis on developing the skills of their staff, training is a significant investment in the annual budget.

Given the financial implications, it makes sense to have a way to measure skill levels and to verify whether or not the investment has paid off.

Training departments who agree with this reasoning will find an answer in the Microsoft Office Specialist certification (MOS, formerly known as MCAS). It is a measurement tool that is reliable and easy to implement thanks to its clear fit into the company training scheme.

Microsoft office specialist

The benefits of certification for companies

  • it provides an indicator of skills development
  • it is n incentive which favours staff retention
  • it demonstrates the will ofthe company to developacomprehensive and personalised training plan
  • it is a communication tool used during evaluation discussions
  • it promotes corporate visibility
  • it develops staff skills within the organisation, thus resulting in better productivity
  • it increases trainees' motivation to participate more actively

The benefits of certification for candidates

  • it certifies the command of a skill level
  • it is a toolfor career advancement
  • it give a sense of pride, self-worth
  • it leads to improved productivity
  • it yields time saving in the achievement of IT tasks estimated at 1h/per week
  • it stimulates interest in the development of new skills

MOS Certifications available

Key Job, your best partner for certification

Microsoft Office Certification is obtained after passing an exam in Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook.

As a privileged partner, Key Job offers:

  1. Several MOS certification courses
  2. The certification test via our e-Learning platform

Key Job "bonuses"

  • Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Trainers
  • A global certification path maximizing your chances of success
  • 25 years of experience in computer/IT training
  • professional and pleasant test environment

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