Managing your training project

For maximum effectiveness, training has to fit within a broader process which aims at developing people skills within the organisation.

Key Job offers training support, both upstream and downstream :

1. Study of the context and the needs

2. Assessment of knowledge of the target group

3. Drafting of the training plan

4. Development of course and training tools to be used

5. Communication to the target group

6. Delivery of training course

7. Assessment of what trainees have learned

8. Continuous improvement


The "Project" approach to Training

If your organisation considers training as part of a larger process (as described above), it has better chances of fostering the necessary talent it needs to continue developing.

This approach will allow your organisation to implement a clear Human Resource Development process.


Key Job strengths

Our method hinges on :

  • accompanying people in change management
  • set-up of communication geared towards each project phase
  • active involvement of all parties in the training project

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