MOS 2007

The Microsoft Office Speciallist (MOS) certificate is a rewarding and recognised certificate on the labour market. It is awarded after passing a specific exam in each software programme.

Key Job is recognised by Microsoft as a key partner for offering the MOS certification tests. 

How to pass the certification?

Nothing is easier! Our testing rooms are available every day of the week at your convenience. To make a booking, contact us by telephone (+352 49 06 09-1) or send us an email at

Each test costs 115 EUR excl. VAT and takes about 1 hour.

MOS Certification training by Key Job

To succeed with flying colours for the MOS certification, Key Job offers candidates a course which focusses on the specific demands required for certification. This 1-day course is delivered in 3 steps: 

  1. Assessment of candidates' knowledge
  2. Training on the gaps identified during the assessment
  3. MOS certification test

MOS 2007 certification trining is available for the following software programmes: 

MOS certification

Key Job maximises your chances of success

  • A team of instructors certified by Microsoft
  • Evaluation of your knowledge through a trial (practice) certification test
  • Effective preparation of candidates thanks to our certification training

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