On-site support

support bureautique du personnel

In supporting your team, the Key Job consultant provides help tailored to each situation, focussing on dialogue among stakeholders.

Being an IT specialist, the Key Job Consultant will guide you towards the best solution and will also save you a lot of time and energy.

Personalised assistance

On-site assistance helps employees work more efficiently on the systems and programmes that have been developed with care and adapted to your needs.

User training

During the implementation of new processes, new templates or electronic documents, Key Job can also ensure the transfer of knowledge within your company by setting up a customized training programme to help users work in complete autonomy.

Some achievements

  • Creation of templates (letterhead, faxes, invoices, PowerPoint presentations)
  • Adaptation of existing documents to new needs of the company
  • Adaptation of documents to meet your graphical standards
  • Recording of macros
  • ...

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