About Key Job

Created during a training and support contract  for the European Parliament in 1986, Key Job develops new services to provide  answers to the changing needs of training managers, project leaders and managers.

Our office with training rooms

Our Values and Mission

Key Job's mission is to contribute our training expertise to help our clients/organisations optimise work quality, development and recognition of the individual.

To fulfil this mission, Key Job's employees adhere to the following values:

  • Excellence: Ensure best possible training and support to our customers
  • Professionalism: Develop/deliver training and provide support services that meet the needs, expectations and demands of our customers
  • Change: Give relevant training and enhance workforce skills  
  • Team spirit: Foster internal communication and team spirit
  • Leadership: Our position of market leader allows us to offer our customers innovative and top-quality services
  • Employment generator: Key Job's mission is to facilitate access to the job market through skills development 

Our Team

Composed of multiple talents, the consultant-trainer team at Key Job consists of fifteen people who all put their energy into developing workforce skills.

The company is led by two professionals with over 20 years of hands-on experience in this business:

  • Danielle Janssens-Crokaerts,
    Managing Director

  • Béatrice Simon,
    Operations Manager


Over 250 customers trust us and we are proud to work for them:

  • In the Public Sector: The European Parliament, the City of Luxembourg, the Court of Auditors, the Ministry of Social Security, Tax Administration ...
  • In the Financial Services sector: Dexia, JP Morgan, Swiss Credit , KB, EIB ...
  • In the others sectors: SES Astra, Good Year, Ferrero, Cargo Lux, RTL...

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