Training subsidies

Private sector companies established in Luxembourg can obtain training subsidies equal to 20% (gross) of the amount invested per year.

Subject to certain criteria, State subsidies can reach up to 35% (gross) of trainee salary costs.

These subsidies are coordinated by l’Institut National pour le développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue (INFPC).

Which training costs?

Both the direct training costs (given by an internal or external trainer) and the trainee costs (salary, commuting costs, meals or even lodging) enter into the calculation of State intervention.

How to obtain a subsidy?

At year end, a form available on the INFPC site must be filled in ("Co-funding" section) and submitted for examination and approval. Each year, the INFPC updates and simplifies the questionnaire to facilitate access to co-funding.

All information is explained in detail on the site

Need help?

The INFPC organises a course called Cofinancement de la formation en entreprise (co-funding in-company training) for training managers to familiarise them with ins and outs of the co-funding application process. 

Link to co-funding calculation simulator.

Link to forms and explanatory notes.

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