• Discover and use the principles of active listening
  • Evaluate and develop your listening skills
  • Improve your relational efficiency when communicating one-on-one or in a group

Target audience

Anyone wishing to better understand the others and to improve his/her listening capacity in professional relations




Active listening and its challenges

  • The meaning of “active listening”; some ideas by Carl Rogers
  • Why use active listening? Diagram, funnel and traps of communication
  • Active listening limiters: sensory filters, representations, sorting information
  • The different levels of listening

Prepare yourself: setting up the right conditions for high quality listening

  • Prepare and master the different stages of an interview
  • Setting up the ideal conditions for optimal listening
  • Define and communicate the basic rules
  • Create a confidential relationship and maintain it

Active listening in practice

  • Put into practice the principles of active listening: be there for the other, give proof of empathy
  • Make a difference between fact, opinion, feeling and judgement
  • Find a balance between listening and taking notes; remain available for the other, show you are listening
  • Listen to what is said: verbal communication, use of vocabulary
  • Observe and listen to what is not being said: paralinguistic and non-verbal elements
  • Manage your emotions and welcome those of the other
  • Recognise and avoid the pitfalls of bad listening

Make sure you understood well; reformulate and give feedback; come to a conclusion

  • Use different types of questioning
  • Use the right type of reformulation
  • Ask validation of your understanding of the issue(s)
  • React and respond
  • Close positively and follow up

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