• Identify and understand your preferred way of resolving conflicts
  • Understand conflicts and turn them into opportunities.
  • Train yourself in using tools of assertiveness to find the best possible outcome for both parties.
  • Avoid conflicts on a daily basis.

Target audience

Anyone willing to improve his skills in preventing and handling conflicts




Conflicts; an overview

  • Definition of a conflict; types and sources of conflict
  • Conflict or opportunity?
  • Anticipate conflicts; 3 levels of prevention

Conflict resolution, methods and behaviours

  • First reactions and resolving methods; corresponding behaviours and viewpoints
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different methods and behaviours
  • An effective method to resolve a conflict and come to a win-win solution

Manage a conflict with the assertiveness tools; practice

  • Understand the conflict; take a step backwards; transform the conflict into an opportunity; set an objective (what do we want)
  • Adopt the appropriate behaviour and use the assertiveness tools: DESC method, self-affirming language, coherence between verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Synthesis: 20 key points for the best conflict management
  • After the conflict: follow up on the adopted solution; adjust when needed

Avoid conflicts on a daily basis

  • Watch over the quality of communication
  • Dare to say things
  • Use management tools

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