• Improve your public speaking skills
  • Adapt to your audience and involve them
  • Gain confidence and manage stage fright

Target audience

Anyone required to speak in public in a professional context.





  • Different types of presentations and public speeches
  • Qualities of a good presentation; most frequent errors

Prepare your presentation

  • Key points to consider before you start
  • Know your audience. Take notes.
  • Clearly define your goal!

Build and structure your presentation

  • Prepare the structure of your intervention
  • Find a catchy title
  • Sequencing and animating its content
  • Prepare concise and effective notes
  • Exercise effectively

Captivate and keep the audience's attention

  • The secrets of great speakers
  • Get your intervention off to a good start
  • Use storytelling, analogies, mental images
  • Argue to convince your audience
  • Listening, watching the audience, using feedback
  • Involve your audience
  • Optimise non-verbal communication. Manage space, move.
  • Avoid common communication pitfalls
  • Encourage questions; make them interactive and dynamic
  • Create a warm and friendly atmosphere

Managing difficult participants

  • Use assertiveness to reframe
  • Solicit troublemakers
  • Managing “chatty”, “aggressive”, “apathetic” and “disruptive” elements in general

Visual aids and PowerPoint presentations

  • Types of visual aids; advantages and disadvantages
  • PowerPoint or no PowerPoint?
  • The golden rules for an effective PowerPoint presentation

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