Target audience

Any person in charge of conducting meetings (team, internal and external partners…)





  • Creative process
  • The creative operating steps: from divergence to convergence
  • Rules of the process
  • Types of participatory actions
  • Promote collective actions

Creative meetings

  • The objectives and characteristics of the meeting
  • Actions in the different phases of the meeting project: before, during and after
  • Participants
  • Step outside the classic meeting framework

Tools to encourage a creative atmosphere during the meeting

  • Associate all the stakeholders: creative warm-ups
  • Clarify the problem: mental map, the 5 P, rephrasing techniques
  • Find ideas of solutions with brainstorming: GPS (collective ideation tool)
  • Prioritize and choose ideas (matrices, stickers with criteria), and develop them into concrete action plan

Use creativity to optimize your communication

  • Better communicate and share with stakeholders
  • Boost the presentations with Pecha Kucha
  • Work on a shared vision

The stance of the meeting facilitator

  • A few rules to facilitate creative sessions
  • Handle unwilling participants
  • The toolbox in relation to the needs

Build your operational action plan upon return to your workplace

  • Projection in your own creative facilitation
  • Identify the best method and anticipate its implementation
  • How to start this participatory culture when you're back to your workplace


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