• Discover and put into practice simple tools to say things, make a request or express a refusal
  • Exploring fear of opposition and its limiting beliefs
  • Gain confidence, develop your ability to assert yourself

Target audience

Anyone who wishes to assert themselves more and say things with respect for their interlocutors and, at the same time, without letting themselves be stepped on.




Dare to say things that are annoying or problematic: why and why not?

  • Where does the difficulty in opposing come from? Burden of education, past experiences and social constraints
  • Opposing, saying things: benefits and negative consequences
  • Challenging the fear of displeasing; exploring the limiting beliefs
  • To show assertiveness: neither bully, nor bullied... and even less rascal!

Expressing a situation, a behaviour... an inconveniency

  • DESC method
  • Using "I": assuming and expressing one’s feelings
  • Differentiate between fact, opinion, feeling, judgment
  • Saying what you want rather than what you don't want

Say ‘No’ in 4 steps

  • Analyse the request
  • Decide on your answer, depending on the consequences of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for yourself and others
  • Expressing your refusal
  • Propose an alternative

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