This training will enable participants to put into practice the tools necessary to manage sensitive telephone conversations through:

  • A good understanding of communication factors
  • Mastery of the principles and techniques of conflict management and assertiveness.

Target audience


  • Performing a telephone reception function
  • In telephone contact with internal or external contacts
  • Wishing to be more comfortable in handling sensitive telephone situations.




Some reminders on communication and the specifics of telephone exchanges

  • Communication fundamentals
  • 3 components of communication: verbal, paralinguistic and non-verbal
  • Specificities and constraints of telephone communication
  • Basic rules and principles for effective communication

Good telephone communication practices to prevent difficult situations

  • Practice active listening to understand the person you are speaking to: questioning and rephrasing.
  • Respond to the request; obtain feedback and validation of the response.
  • Involve the other person in the communication; make them active; get them to listen and express themselves with confidence.
  • Follow up on the communication

Some principles and a toolbox for dealing with delicate situations

  • Identify destabilising situations and de-dramatize them
  • Main principles for managing difficult situations/conflicts:
    • Human behaviour in the face of conflict; positions in life
    • Adopt the adapted behaviour to evolve towards a win-win relationship
  • Define and practice assertiveness
    • Characteristics of assertive behaviour; basic life skills
    • Assertiveness toolbox: saying things; providing feedback; using the D.E.S.C. method
    • Adapt your vocabulary: use the language of involvement ("I", "you", "we"), the diplomatic, constructive words that calm you down.
    • To refuse a request; to say no without aggressiveness

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