• Assessing the importance of non-verbal language in communication

  • Sharpen your sense of observation of body language

  • Practise identifying the most common body language cues to understand the other beyond the spoken word.

Target audience

This training is intended for anyone wishing to improve their interpersonal relationships through a better understanding of body language.

Professionals in customer relations, reception and communication. Salesmen, salespeople, negotiators. Health, justice and security personnel. Consultants, lawyers. HR professionals, recruitment. Trainers, teachers, educators. Managers, local supervisors, tutors.




Sharpen your sense of observation through synergology

  • Understand what synergology means

    Apprehending the five dimensions of non-verbal language

    Distinguishing the noisy transmitter from the silent transmitter

    The encoding or specificity of the synergology

Observation through the three views of the synergist

  • Understanding how synergistic observation works

  • Mapping of the body through its organic segmentation

From vigilance to the connection with the interlocutor

  • Finding out what the head positioning means

  • The eyes and the apprehension of emotions

  • Finding out what's behind the crying

  • Focus on crossing legs

  • What our chair positions reveal

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