How to use PowerPoint to the best effect, to convey a clear message, well prepared, with good audience interaction, presented with conviction and supported by the right technical backup.


Any person willing to improve the way to create effective PowerPoint presentations.


Prepare your presentation

  • Collect and synthesize the subject
  • Structure your speech
  • Creating key messages with finesse
  • Move to a higher level of presenting
  • Let PowerPoint complement your speaking

How to be clear

  • Using more creative approaches to presenting
  • Use simple words
  • Create short sentences
  • Explanation in 3 points

Stop getting it wrong - start getting it right!

  • Stop having badly designed slides
  • Stop having long lists of bullet points or too much text on one slide
  • Start to dramatically improve your PowerPoint presentations
  • Start to stimulate the cognitive retention of your material
  • Start impressing your audience with your ability to put information across
  • If you want to add the WOW factor

Tips and Tricks to captivate your audience

  • Presenting confidently to large or small groups
  • Tailor content and delivery for different audiences
  • Use your own experience
  • Maintaining attention
  • How to get sympathy from your audience
  • Encouraging participation
  • Use humor to improve the atmosphere and promote memorization

Use multiple intelligences

  • Captivate by means of words
  • Move in order to learn
  • Use visual displays

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