• Prepare meetings efficiently
  • Manage a meeting methodically to meet its objective
  • Involve all participants to develop the full potential of the group and reach tangible results
  • Handle difficult behaviors and sensitive situations during meetings
  • Ensure follow up

Target audience

Anyone who conducts meetings or working groups




Organise and prepare productive meetings

  • Preliminary questions; challenge the need for the meeting
  • What type of meeting will lead to the best result? Set a SMART goal.
  • Define the agenda
  • Involve the participants beforehand
  • Set up the meeting (define the style, timing, resources); TOMATES-tool
  • Prepare logistics

Manage the meeting; involve the participants

  • Successfully start the meeting; define the “rules of engagement”
  • Manage the timing and the agenda
  • Involve every participant
  • Listen, rephrase, summarise: get participants to listen
  • Handle ideas and propositions; enhance productivity and group work; make decisions
  • Control communication; handle difficult situations: individual or collective disturbances, digressions

Close the meeting and follow up

  • Respect the length of the meeting
  • Close the meeting: define a what-to-do list and a who-does-what list
  • Write a report (or have it written)
  • Follow up on the actions

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