• Understand the mechanisms of communication and how it works.
  • Avoid the pitfalls.
  • Implement good communication practices.
  • Identify your communication style.

Target audience

Anyone wishing to better understand the communication in the broadest sense and improve its own communication.




Better understand communication

  • Communication or information? Definition and functions of communication
  • Communication scheme, complexity of the process
  • A four-stage process; a specific goal

Avoid the pitfalls of communication

  • Perception; interpretation; reference framework
  • Transformation and loss of messages; communication funnel
  • Other pitfalls of communication

Before communicating

  • Define your communication objective(s); link with the needs / expectations of your interlocutors
  • Collect information and design an effective message: content and shape
  • Choose a suitable communication support; complementarity of the media
  • Adapt to specific communication situations: public speaking, telephone communication, video conferencing, meeting…

Communicate in an effective manner

  • Involve your interlocutors in your communication
  • Check the good understanding of your communication; active listening and feedback
  • Pay attention to all forms of communication: verbal, paralinguistic and non-verbal
  • Communication and preferences: what we like to communicate and the elements we are looking for in communication

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