This training help participants to strengthen their mind to be ready to face criticism and offences in a constructive way. After the training they’ll be able to:

  • Mentally condition themselves and change their frame of mind if needed to better handle criticism
  • Have a clear understanding of the criticism they get
  • Proactively use mental techniques and communication methods to make the most of critics instead of suffering them

Target audience

Anyone willing to break free from personal attacks such as critics and insults that one’s could possibly daily suffer.





  • Criticism and insults that one’s get
  • Benefits of stoicism

Mentally strengthen oneself

  • Thinking mistakes that lead to overstate criticism
  • The need to be appreciated: love oneself
  • To know one’s worth, strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on one’s competences: inwardness norm
  • Understanding what states of mind criticism and insults come from

Judgement rules

  • The individuation principle: the difference between self and others
  • Discern what one’s can and cannot control.
  • Differentiate the message from the messenger
  • Discern criticism from personal attack
  • The difference between forgive and forget

Being ahead of criticism to make it one’s own

  • Take a different standpoint and devise the opposite
  • Be happy with what happens
  • Focus attention on criticism and listen to it without judgement
  • Take the positive from criticism and benefit from negative critics.
  • Know how to personalize and depersonalize criticism
  • Handle targeted personal attacks
  • Leverage brain’s function to break free from insults

Criticism management plan

  • Set-up a personal plan to handle upcoming criticism and insults


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