• Define strengths and weaknesses in one’s argumentation.
  • Learn how to elaborate a convincing behaviour
  • Learn how to set-up highly convincing argumentation techniques, suitable to customers’ needs

Target audience

Sales representatives. Anyone wishing to improve one’s convincing and argumentation skills.





  • Present the usual arguments used to sell one’s product or service
  • Assess one’s argumentation

Look and sound convincing

  • Take on comforting and non-threatening behavior and gesture
  • Use voice to speak in a convincing way
  • Be enthusiastic and make the person you are talking to feel emotions
  • Use silence

Prepare one’s argumentation

  • Anticipate the main expectations of your customer
  • Leverage the discovery phase
  • Use the 6 fundamental principles of persuasiveness
  • Get ready with the perfect sales pitch to tempt one’s prospective buyer

Effective argumentation techniques

  • Rhetorical techniques for a convincing argumentation structuration
  • Set phrases to dismiss, because they enfeeble argumentation
  • Personalise one’s sales pitch
  • Use arguments suitable to the different customers purchase drivers (security, convenience, budget…)
  • Turn product or service features into assets
  • Turn product or service weak points into assets
  • Provide evidence by different ways

Handle objections and clinch the deal

  • Drive one’s argumentation
  • Confirm points of agreement with the customer
  • Face hazards and handle objections
  • Bargain with a « win-win » outcome as target
  • Conclude according to the situation


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