• Improve interpersonal skills in all circumstances
  • Become aware of the pitfalls of communication and avoid them
  • Adapt to the situation and involve the other person in the communication
  • Practice active listening
  • Assert yourself in your communication; manage difficult situations

Target audience

Anyone willing to improve one’s communication skills.




What is communicating?

  • Rediscover the fundamentals of communication
  • Become aware of possible interferences and avoid communication pitfalls
  • Avoid conflict between the verbal and non-verbal part of the communication
  • Identify your style of communication
  • Discover the different attitudes (parent-adult-child) in transactional exchanges

Adapt yourself; involve the other person in the communication

  • Take into account the position and motivation of the other person
  • Try to listen, understand the other person; appropriate and memorise his messages
  • Adapt your communication, synchronise
  • Encourage the dialogue, adapt your listening position, show empathy
  • Implement active listening: listen, ask questions, rephrase and ask validation

Show assertiveness to better communicate

  • Characteristics of assertive communication behaviour
  • Non-violent communication and assertiveness: essential life skills
  • Adapt a positive and constructive approach; adapt your attitude and vocabulary
  • Provide feedback; dare to name things
  • Handle difficult situations

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