• Develop your relational capabilities to effectively manage complaints
  • Develop self-control and assertiveness to deal with an unhappy conversation partner
  • Transform a conflict into a search for common interest

Target audience

Anyone with internal or external contacts and willing to take better care of complaints and of sensitive communication




Prepare to listen and understand

  • Different types of complaints (face to face, telephone, email) and space for maneuver
  • Focus on the speaker; practice active listening
  • Understand the 4 typical behaviours of a person and respond to them

Listen actively and use dialogue to better understand the problem

  • Key skills: courtesy, respect, consideration, kindness, non-judgement
  • Be an active listener and show your will to understand
  • Ask questions to go to the depths of the issue
  • Rephrase and ask for validation of your understanding of the issue


  • Be constructive
  • Look for points in common
  • Propose a win-win solution and ask for validation of it
  • Make concrete commitments (who does what, when and how)


  • Choose the right words and the right style: use action verbs and positive words
  • Personalise the answer to value the person you are talking to

Follow up

  • Spot frequent incidents
  • Establish an action plan
  • Set up complaint tracking indicators


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