This training helps participants with a new method to manage lie and manipulation. After the training they’ll be able to:

  • Know better deception practices and the reasons behind such a behaviour
  • Have a personal approach to take a stand when facing lies
  • Learn how to protect oneself against manipulation behaviour with proper communication techniques.
  • Learn what to do to expose a liar

Target audience

Anyone wishing to better manage lie and manipulation to which they could be exposed daily.





  • Round table of deception situations that participants feel concerned about

Understand lie

  • Nature of deception
  • Influence, lie and manipulation
  • Why is one’s lying to you and why specifically to you?
  • How to identify a liar: stereotypes and real clues
  • Pinpoint one’s own lies and their usefulness or worthlessness

The different types of lies and manipulation methods

  • Different types of lies: lies of insignificant risk and of high risk
  • Manipulators’ methods at work: different situations depending on the manipulator’s position, and their impacts on the work environment

Techniques to handle lie and manipulation

  • Strategies to stay away from manipulators
  • Protect oneself against manipulation upstream with a assertive behavior
  • Clarify manipulators’ statements
  • Experts’ techniques to expose a liar in an interview

Vices and virtues of sincerity

  • Benefits and limitations of an honest behavior at work
  • Take a position on lie and sincerity

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