• Organizing the conditions necessary for individual and collective commitment

  • Develop individual and collective proactivity and autonomy

  • To make the voice heard, understood, adhered to and acted upon 

Target audience

Business leaders and managers.


Managerial responsibilities.


Managerial action has as its goal the development and performance of the company. The company is expected to be engaging, learning and innovative for and thanks to its employees. The contribution of a manager is essential. In a situation of loss of reference points, it is essential.

The value placed on work depends on the consideration we give to it. This consideration emerges in relation to the life activities we have elsewhere and the benefits they generate for us. In other words, the "place" that we accept to give to work depends, among other things, on the place occupied by our other life activities. A crisis leads to a redefinition of priorities related to the survival instinct. In the end, the question is: what to do to satisfy the quest for individual and collective meaning within a system of priorities redefined in terms of values and relationship to time.

We will first discuss the importance of the quality of the relationship with employees and teams. Then, we will consider the managerial conditions necessary to turn constraints into opportunities. Finally, we will present methodologies and tools.

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