• Better understand yourself
  • Optimize your behavior
  • Develop effective communication
  • Enable your flexibility

Target audience

People who wish to better know and develop themselves




Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in question

  • NLP presuppositions
  • Perceptions
  • Predicates: our 5 senses

The "Objective" strategy

  • Turn a problem into an objective
  • Set a specific, positive and operational objective
    • Choose your objectives in a long-term perspective
    • Balance personal values and professional goals

Mobilize your energy: "anchoring of resources"

  • Choose the internal personal resources tailored to the objectives
  • Anchor the reflexes to mobilize the required resources
  • Control your limiting emotions
  • Eliminate unnecessary stresses

Prepare for success: "visualization"

  • Imagine your success
  • Visualize the final result

Get interested in emotions: "calibration"

  • Observe the interlocutor in a subtle way
  • Consider her / his feelings

Adapt yourself to other's perceptions: the "vako"

  • Listen to the preferred representational systems
  • Communicate with the same registers
    • Listen in silence
    • Rephrase to reactivate
    • Summarize to validate

Ask the right questions with the "metamodel"

  • Identify the language inaccuracies
  • Get the general information clarified
  • Confront the inconsistencies

Create the right relationship: "synchronization"

  • Get in touch
  • Stay in line
  • Adapt to the other's reference framework

Present your ideas in a smooth way: "reframing"

  • Turn a negative experience into a positive
  • Handle objections
  • Adapt to the other's reference framework

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