Understand your own way of interacting with others, in order to communicate and interact effectively.

Target audience

Managers in charge of employees of various profiles and sensibilities; HR managers wishing to meet the challenge of a diverse workforce; or anyone wishing to function better in a collective with a high diversity.





Self-awareness: knowing how I work and where my dysfunctions are

  • Spontaneous abilities
  • Perception mode and communication channel
  • Motivations and resources
  • Stress sequences and failure mechanisms

Consciousness of others: know the OTHER’S operative modes / dysfunctions

  • 6 different modes of perceiving, communicating and interacting
  • Shifts and miscommunication
  • Positions and masks
  • Taking into account the context and its impact

Take Action


  • Management of emotions, stress, motivations and resources
  • Develop your interpersonal skills

Relationship management

  • Recognize your interlocutor and adapt to him/her
  • Interact effectively with others (in conscience)
  • Working together and thwarting the mechanisms of failure (conflicts, blockages, breaks ...)

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