Know how to design, pilot and manage a collective intelligence event to meet your needs: deal with a complex problem or a strategic question for your company or structure by associating human capital with action.

Target audience

Anyone in charge of staging collective intelligence events (seminars, team building)


Organising seminars and participatory events


Focus on forms of collective intelligence meetings

  • History of approaches to the world café and open forum
  • The results of these approaches
  • The creative process during a collective intelligence meeting
  • Form linked to the goal of the event

Organisation of the meeting

  • Selling the participatory action
  • The different roles during a participatory event
  • The attitude of the animator
  • The up- and downstream: sensitising the participants
  • Managing the participants (employees and partners)
  • The animation team
  • Setting up
  • Organising space and relations during the event

Mixing method and practice

  • Putting the acquired skills to the test

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