• Feedback: an essential management tool
  • Discover and use feedback to:
    • Congratulate, thank and value appropriately
    • Correct an unsatisfactory job, action or behaviour in a firm and constructive way
  • Training oneself in circumstantial facts
  • Gain confidence in giving feedback

Target audience

Managers, team leaders who want to provide positive and constructive feedback in order to value their collaborators and help them grow in their job.


Working in a management position is an advantage.


Feedback: an essential tool for the development of people

  • The vital importance of strokes
  • Accept employees in all their dimensions: existential, results, skills / procedures and efforts provided
  • Conditional or unconditional feedback?
  • Replace negative feedback with constructive feedback

Recognising and motivating collaborators

  • Explore tracks and possible recognition actions
  • Study the short and long-term impact of different actions
  • Use feedback as a powerful tool for motivation and recognition
    • Add a positive quality stroke: the 12 laws of stroke
    • Add constructive feedback to help your collaborators progress
  • The power of daily recognition

To congratulate, to thank, to value

  • The 5 characteristics of a positive quality stroke
  • Line of action: contact-fact-quality-advantages-conclusion
  • With or without witnesses?
  • To congratulate, to thank, to value… without flattering
  • Ensure that it lasts.

Correct an unsatisfactory job, action or behaviour in a firm and constructive way.

  • Line of action: contact-fact-failures-consequences-expectations-sharing-monitoring-conclusion
  • DESC method
  • The importance of precise, undeniable facts
  • Explain without justifying
  • Suggest SMART ways of improvement to create progress
  • Involve the collaborator in the search for solutions
  • Plan and follow up

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