• Be aware of the importance of good preparation when it is possible (anticipation).
  • Use basic theatrical techniques to convince and manage your fear in improvisation situations.
  • Use the tools of assertiveness to share your positions and ideas in a strong and convincing way.
  • Respond constructively to opposition, criticism; be attentive to bring the right arguments.
  • Boost your self-confidence

Target audience

Anyone willing to improve their ability to share their ideas in a strong, convincing and constructive way.




Prepare to convince

  • Prepare and structure the elements to be transmitted
  • Gather facts, examples, illustrations
  • Reflect on a "catchy" way of sharing messages
  • Avoid the pitfalls of communication to be heard and understood

Express yourself assertively

  • Provide facts, express your feelings. Make the difference between fact, judgment, opinion, feeling
  • Use positive words and the language of assertiveness
  • Ensure verbal / nonverbal coherence
  • Involve your interlocutor, allow her / him to play an active part to foster dialogue

React constructively to opposition, criticism

  • Keep calm; become aware of the emotions at play
  • "Depersonalize" the situation: for oneself and for one's interlocutor
  • Listen actively to bring the right arguments
  • Use the DESC method to express annoying things

Set yourself for success and boost your self-confidence

  • Link between assertiveness, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Practice positive autosuggestion
  • Manage emotions with alternative thinking
  • Grant yourself rights

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