• To understand the principles of communication by storytelling
  • To know the narrative models and scripts
  • To be able to define and tell the story

Target audience

Anyone willing to improve his communication skills thanks to the technique of storytelling




Discovering storytelling and its possible uses in a company

  • Principles and history of storytelling
  • The five properties of narration
  • The different applications of storytelling (politics, marketing, brand communication, training etc.)
  • Using the narrative mode in a communication strategy
  • Integrate the psychological and emotional dimension of the narrative approach

Decide which story to tell

  • Identify the main themes of the communication goals
  • Using the proximity laws to get into phase with the audience
  • Explore the company culture
  • Choose the right theme and the right narrative angle

Prepare the story

  • Choose the information to convey the intended message
  • Identify the risks of a story with a fixed point of view
  • Storytelling in function of the goal, the audience
  • Setting the tone of the presentation

Using the narrative model

  • Using the five steps of the narrative model
  • The elements and protagonists of a story
  • Different types of scripts

Creating the model of the story

  • Elaborate the pitch and the story board
  • Master the narrative syntax
  • Work on association of ideas
  • Taking care of the introduction and conclusion
  • Basic principles: explain, synthesize, repeat, start again
  • Interactivity and engagement

Choose the distribution channels for the story

  • The different media
  • Cross-media
  • Technology for the presenter

Practical exercises

  • Analysis of some examples of communication by storytelling
  • Exercise including presentation and analysis in front of the group, split up in different stages: the choice of the history, point of view, the pitch, the storyboard


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