• Know oneself better
  • Enhance one’s interpersonal relationships
  • Enhance one’s assets for greater serenity
  • Take on a new dimension of autonomy

Target audience

Anyone willing to develop and know oneself better.




Know yourself better

  • The EGO states
  • Characteristics and impact
  • Develop resources

Clarify “DRIVERS”

  • Access one’s personal story
  • Identify one’s limiting beliefs
  • Develop one’s permissions

Establish optimum transactions

  • Understand “OTHERS”.
  • Clarify interpersonal relationship
  • Choose the effective and relevant dimension

Capitalize on structuring of one’s time

  • Explain the notion
  • Identify the active and accessible ingredients
  • Give sense to “each minute”

Understand the psychological games

  • Definition and elements
  • Interactions and their impact
  • Action the right levers

Identify the life positions

  • Set the situation state
  • Identify and phrase one’s intentions
  • Operate the settings

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