• Understanding the key mechanisms of training and coaching adults
  • Prepare and frame your coaching and training activities
  • Train and pass on knowledge and skills
  • Appreciate, follow the learning and the progress of your team member
  • Enhance your communication

Target audience

This training is intended for managers and any other person involved in the training and coaching of current and new personnel.





  • What does training mean? What does coaching mean? What is the difference?
  • Understand the basics of learning and andragogy (training for adults)
  • How does one learn? How does one remember? Significance and consequences for a manager/trainer

Prepare and frame your coaching activities

  • Identify the elements to be communicated: key skills, know how, social skills, professional practices…
  • Identify the needs of your team member: expectations, level of autonomy, commitment
  • Adapt the learning method(s) to the situation and the team member
  • Set up and communicate the supporting framework: objectives, actions, progress and follow-up

Train and pass on knowledge and skills

  • Rely on the employee's representations and current knowledge
  • Use questions as a learning lever
  • Learn by example; show; work together; be present
  • Vary the approaches.  Stimulate all the senses to promote memorisation and appropriation
  • Make your employees active and actors in their learning

Follow up and appreciation of the evolution of team members

  • Observe and listen actively; ask for feedback; focus on clear and defininte facts
  • Value the acquired knowledge and encourage progression
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • Adapt your coaching style to the growing autonomy of your employees

Optimise your communication to improve training and coaching

  • Do more than just “pass on the information”
  • Avoid pitfalls in communication
  • Understand the impact of non-verbal communication
  • Explain well: efficiently deliver a message and verify it is well understood

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