Through a workshop typed training and a different and playful activity that is the Escape Hunt:

  • Better apprehend the role of team leader and position yourself as such
  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Effectively endorse the main managerial responsibilities

Target audience

Today's and future team leaders




Be aware that this workshop typed training requires a participant number between 4 and 10.

Day 1 Morning

Escape Hunt activity (2 hours)

  • Meeting point: Escape Hunt, 2 Place de Paris L-2314 Luxembourg
  • Welcome and explanation of the rules of the game
  • « Escape Hunt » game in teams of 5. Duration: 1 hour
  • Coffee break at Escape Hunt
  • Route to Key Job, 65 avenue de la Gare L-1611 Luxembourg

Note: The team or teams will be "observed" by the consultant via the Escape Hunt control screen. This practice will allow to make a factual rendition of the course of the games and the behavior of each team, of each within its team. If necessary, indices can be made in a fair way to both teams.

Debriefing of the Escape Hunt activity (1.5 hours)

  • Feedback from participants: Collective (team) and individual experience
    • What different visions are there of the same reality? Compatibilities to solve the investigation?
    • What actions? Which behavior? Which feelings?
    • Contributions from the consultant to draw parallels; link to leadership styles
  • Links to the reality of the field and one’s role as team leader. How to transpose, use this experience in one’s daily manager?

Day 1 afternoon and day 2: 4 Training Workshops with:

  • Exchanges, sharing of practical experiences and practices
  • Facilitation and input of tools and materials by the consultant
  • Elements addressed in connection with the experience of the morning of day 1

Workshop 1: The role of team leader (1.5 hours)

  • Key role and skills of the team leader
  • Both "Manager", "Leader" and quite often "Expert"
  • Balance of these three hats on a daily basis
  • Legitimacy and managerial exemplary

Workshop 2: Adapting your management style to your team (1.5 hours)

  • Identifying the level of autonomy of one’s employees (skills– motivation mix)
  • Reminder of the 4 main management styles
  • Adapting your style to the amount of autonomy of the person (situational leadership), to the situation
  • Discover one’s preferred management style

Workshop 3: Delegate effectively to make aware of responsibilities (3.5 hours)

  • Prepare delegation well; transform a task into a “mission”
  • Communicating your delegation in an efficient and motivating way
  • Ensure quality monitoring, care for reporting
  • Straighten out errors in a way that is constructive

Workshop 4: Motivating employees (3.5 hours)

  • Identify the elements on which the manager can act to motivate his team
  • Create favorable conditions to motivate employees; articulate individual and collective motivation
  • Act concretely: depending on the interest and needs of the group of participants, 2-3 tools will be developed (SMART goals, positive quality feedback, cropping maintenance to make progress, active listening...)

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