This training helps participants gain self-confidence to act more freely in situations perceived as risky. By the end of this training, they will be able to:

  • Believe in themselves beyond the limits they have given themselves before
  • Know and manage the fears that prevented them from acting until then
  • Take the necessary risks to achieve their goals

Target audience

The training is for anyone who wants to finally do or say what she / he has not dared until then.





  • What you never dared to do

Strengthen self-confidence

  • Self-confidence, indispensable basis for a successful life
  • The three dimensions of self-confidence
  • The main negative thoughts and difficulties caused by a lack of self-confidence
  • The power of positive beliefs
  • Act like a hero

Facing one’s fears

  • Demystify and define one's fears
  • Cost of inaction and regrets
  • The positive consequences of action
  • Elements of body and mental management of stress

Take risks

  • Define your comfort zone and the « beyond »
  • Establish a list of risky situations
  • Do it in spite of fear
  • Granting oneself the right to make mistakes
  • Congratulate oneself on achievements

My goals without fear

  • Define your goals freely, outside your comfort zone
  • Establish a realistic plan to achieve them

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