Manage your time and priorities in an effective way by learning the basics of time and priorities management and by applying them to your calendar and task list.

Learn when to use the calendar or the Outlook tasks.

Use the advanced features of Outlook to improve your work efficiency and become more systematic.


Basic knowledge of Outlook.



  • Definition of time
  • Benefits of effective time management (based on your work context, what will it bring you?)

Analyze your schedule

  • Diagnose your behavior towards time
  • Evaluate your use of time
  • Study the causes of time loss
  • Say No to better manage your time

Time thieves

  • Learn about the main external time thieves
  • Manage telephone calls, emails, visitors….
  • Do not let your emails direct your days
  • Prevent interruptions

Defining priorities

  • Understand priorities
  • Define priority levels for your Outlook tasks (important and/or urgent)

Using Outlook to manage your priorities

  • Define professional targets
  • Define private targets
  • Use Outlook to define your tasks and assign priorities
  • Automate the assignment of priorities

Using the calendar or the task list

  • Setting the calendar and task list views for a more effective use
  • What should you plan in your calendar?
  • What should you put in your task list?
  • How to finish your day with an updated task list?

Learn how to delegate

  • Delegating tasks
  • Using Outlook contacts to manage tasks and track delegated tasks

Creating and managing categories

  • Using categories across all Outlook items
  • Modifying the color of appointments depending on their categories
  • Using rules to assign categories
  • Grouping your view by categories

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