Learn the essentials to create professional looking documents: flyers, leaflets, posters, catalogs…


Knowledge of the Mac or Windows work environment, basic knowledge of text processing.



  • Presentation of the program: interface
  • Working with blocs
  • Text and image import
  • Work flow

Working with text

  • Add, delete, copy and paste
  • Format characters
  • Format paragraphs
  • Text import
  • Corrections and replacements
  • Missing fonts
  • Text flow
  • Styles to uniform presentation

Working with images

  • Importing images
  • InDesign and Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Image resizing
  • Understanding image quality

Working with blocs

  • Using colors
  • Relationship between blocs
  • Add lines, borders, circles
  • Resize, copy, paste graphic elements


  • Create a new document
  • Visual layout: text and images
  • Text wrap
  • Creating structure: margins, columns, gutters
  • Create and modify tables


  • Go to Master pages
  • Add elements to the master
  • Apply a master on a page
  • Pages without master

Save and export

  • Save the work copy
  • Create a package
  • Create a PDF for print
  • Create a PDF for the Web

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Thu. 14 Mar. Fri. 15 Mar. 2024

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