Connect to data, transform it and display the results in Excel.


Very good Excel skills


Connect to data

  • Connect to Excel data

  • Connect to flat text files (csv, txt)

  • Connect to a database

Load data to the workbook

  • Load a query to a worksheet table

  • Create a connection without loading the data

  • Create a PivotTable based on a Power Query connection

Simple transformations

  • Delete rows and / or columns

  • Pivot / unpivot columns

  • Sort and Filter

  • Split columns

  • Change a column’s data type

  • Extract characters from a column

Combine data

  • Merge two tables based on a common column

  • Append the contents of a table to another table

Advanced transformations

  • Add a column from a sample of the expected result

  • Create a formula using the editor

  • Use parameters

  • Create a custom Power Query function

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