This 4 day course is aimed at developers who want to learn the C# language in the development of WPF applications.


Knowledge of the Windows environment.

An experience in programming is an asset, but is not strictly mandatory for this basic training.


General introduction to C#


  • Foundations : the Common Language RunTime
  • The .Net FrameWork
  • Program types you can create with C# : Windows Applications (Winforms/WPF), Web Applications, Windows Services , Web Services , Windows Controls, Web Controls, Silverlight …
  • XML in .NETand WPF

Using the IDE (Development Environment)

  • Toolbox
  • Solution Explorer
  • Classes Explorer
  • Properties window
  • Code window
  • Dynamic Help
  • Managing user profiles and preferences
  • Object Browser

The C# language

  • Data types and variables (CTS – Common Type System)
  • 'Value' type variables (Structures and primitive types)
  • 'Reference' type variables (Classes)
  • Keywords: if, switch, for, for-each, do
  • Fundamental principles of object-oriented programming (Classes, Methods, Properties)
  • Inheritance, override and Interfaces in C#
  • Using the main types of Collections
  • Using Delegates and Events
  • Introduction to ‘Lambda expressions’

Handling Errors

  • Handling errors in an application
  • Exceptions Hierarchy
  • Catching exceptions (Try/Catch/Finally)
  • Throwing exceptions (Throw)
  • Nested Exceptions (inner exception)

Introduction to WPF forms creation

  • WPF : replacement of the Winforms ?
  • XAML : declarative language for creating graphical interfaces
  • Creating the graphical interface via the Visual Studio Designer
  • The ‘containers’ : StackPanel, DockPanel, WrapPanel, Grid
  • The basic controls: Textblock, Textbox, Button, Checkbox, Combobox
  • Handling events

Debugging, Compilation & Deployment

  • Debugging : breakpoint, step by step, edit and continue
  • Compiling projects and solutions
  • Deploying by copying files (‘XCOPY’ method)
  • Deploying by Project deployment (‘Setup’)

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