Be able to know the changes between Office 2010 and 2019


Basic knowledge of the Windows environnement



  • The Tell me what you want to do area

  • Smart Lookup

  • The Share button

  • Digital inking

  • Microsoft Translator Integration


  • Editing PDFs

  • Design tab

  • Insertion of Video from the Web (other new insertions)

  • Simplified Track Changes

  • Replying to a comment

  • Resume Reading Feature

  • Simplified addition of rows and columns in tables

  • Table border styles and formatting


  • Recommended pivot tables and charts

  • Reorganization of tools for pivot tables

  • The Timeline slicer

  • Reorganization of tools and new graphics

  • New functions (Concat, Textjoin, Ifs, Xor, ...)

  • The Quick Analysis tool

  • The FlashFill

  • Power Query integration to import data

  • Creating a simple data model


  • New themes in 16:9 format and variations of themes

  • Using sections

  • New transition effects

  • New animation effects

  • Summary Zoom

  • Dynamic preview of image position and alignment/spacing guides

  • Merge shapes feature

  • The Eyedropper tool

  • The new presenter mode


  • The interface

  • Overview of calendar events

  • The read/unread filter (and focus)

  • Changing the search perimeter from the inbox

  • Replying or forwarding a message from the preview pane

  • View your calendar from the meeting invitation message

  • The calendar weather forecast

  • The people view of contacts

  • The simplified form for editing contacts

  • Favourite contacts

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