Be able to create complex documents.


Basic knowledge of Word.


Quick Parts

  • Creating a Quick Part
  • Using a Quick Part
  • Managing Quick Parts

Document Layout

  • Creating and formatting a section
  • Bulleted and Numbered lists
  • Creating a multi-level list
  • Presenting text in columns
  • Inserting a column break


  • Applying a theme to a document
  • Customizing a theme 
  • Changing theme effects
  • Saving a document theme
  • Changing/deleting a customized color/font set

Styles and Style sets

  • Creating a style
  • Creating a list style 
  • Select texts with the same style  
  • Cancel a style
  • Managing styles 
  • Changing the style set  
  • Saving a new style set
  • Importing styles  


  • Creating a template 
  • Modifying a document template
  • Changing the template associated with a document  

Managing long documents

  • Use the Navigation Pane
  • Creating footnotes and endnotes
  • Working with bookmarks 
  • Creating cross-references 
  • Working with a document outline 
  • Numbering headings  
  • Customizing numbering on outline headings
  • Creating a table of contents  
  • Creating an index
  • Updating a table of contents, an index

Drawn objects

  • Drawing a shape  
  • Creating a text box
  • Creating a WordArt object 
  • Editing WordArt 
  • Inserting a Smart Art diagram 
  • Modifying a diagram 
  • Changing the layout of a diagram


  • Finding and inserting an image, sound or video
  • Using the multimedia library and the Online library
  • Inserting an image from a file  
  • Screenshot
  • Defining image compression settings 
  • Resizing an inserted image
  • Cropping an image   
  • Changing the image brightness, contrast and colors
  • Online movie from Bing, YouTube or an embedded code

Managing objects

  • Using objects
  • Changing an object
  • Applying a format to an object


  • Creating a form 
  • Inserting content controls 
  • Defining content control properties 
  • Protecting a form
  • Using a form


  • Planning a mail merge 
  • Creating a mail merge
  • Opening a main document 
  • Creating a list of data
  • Managing the records in a data list  
  • Setting criteria for a mail merge
  • Setting a condition for displaying a text  
  • Sorting a list of data 
  • Creating mailing labels

Import data

  • Copying data from Excel to Word
  • Copying Excel data into Word as a hyperlink 
  • Inserting a hyperlink 
  • Inserting an Excel spreadsheet into Word
  • Managing linked data 
  • Inserting an object   

Group Working

  • Managing comments and reply
  • Tracking changes made to the document by other users
  • Protecting a document 
  • Restricting document formatting   
  • Associating a password with a document      
  • Marking a document as final   

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