Be able to create a simple document and format it.


Know the Windows environment. No Word knowledge required.


Selections and displacements

  • Reminder of the method of introducing text in Word and concepts of paragraph, new line, page and section
  • Master the effective methods of selection
  • Browse a document by page, title, image, or table

Character Format

  • Revision of the font format
  • Use small capital letters
  • Change case (lowercase / uppercase)
  • Text effects
  • Clear text formatting

Paragraph Format

  • Create bulleted or numbered lists
  • Use paragraph and page borders
  • Understand text indents
  • Change line spacing or paragraph spacing
  • Keep with next paragraph


  • Reminder of different methods for copy/paste
  • The paste options
  • Paste Preview
  • Copy formatting



Optimize the page layout

  • Change the margins of a document
  • Insert pre-defined headers and footers
  • Create a custom header/footer
  • Change the paper size
  • Add or delete a page break
  • Add or remove a page break

Tips & Tricks

  • Essential keyboard shortcuts

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