Using Rushes, stills, sound and text to cut and finalize a professional video.


Knowledge of the Windows work environment.



  • Starting a project in an ideal setting

Working with the user interface

  • Using the interface
  • Customizing the interface

Importing rushes

  • Importing files as rushes
  • Importing stills
  • Importing Photoshop and/or Illustrator files

Organizing Assets

  • Visualizing elements in the project explorer
  • Organizing elements into bins

Cutting in the sequence

  • Seeing clips on-screen
  • Defining markers
  • Defining Entry and Exit points
  • Dragging and dropping to populate the sequence
  • Modifying superpositions and intersections
  • Using the Sync Lock
  • Editing of the source clip or of the sequence clip
  • Defining 3 or 4 entry points

Modifying the Timeline

  • Timeline navigation
  • Using tracks
  • Selecting clips
  • Moving clips
  • Shorten and changing the speed
  • Viewing the content
  • Creating transitions with the Slip and Slide tools
  • Removing and Extracting clips

Adding titles

  • Using the text tool
  • Creating text from templates
  • Modifying the titles
  • Title animation and motion

Adding transitions

  • Adding a transition
  • Enhancing the transition with the effects panel

Previewing a sequence

  • Previewing a sequence
  • Establishing connections between sequences


  • Changing the sound level
  • Modifying sounds
  • Controlling the input level
  • Controlling the master level

Adding Effects

  • Video effects
  • Audio effects

Adding motion effects

  • Defining anchor points, positions, rotation and scale
  • Defining movement settings


  • Exporting to a physical drive
  • Export to various formats using the Adobe Media Encoder


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