Learn the JavaScript programming techniques required when developing interactive features for your Web site: using data input in forms, reacting to user’s actions, manipulating images.


This training is open to new programmers, but it is better to have some experience in programming language.



  • Inserting a script
  • Creating HTML components with a script
  • Learn about alert messages and dialog boxes

The JavaScript environment

  • Understand objects and their hierarchy
  • Events and event manager
  • Creating and using a function

Manipulating forms

  • Change the content of a text field
  • Submit form’s data

Loops and conditional tests

  • Comparing values
  • Using multiple alternatives
  • Learn about shorthand conditional syntax
  • Repeat an instruction with a loop
  • Stop a loop.

Numbers and Strings

  • Converting a string, an integer, a number
  • Generating random numbers
  • Calculating arithmetic operations and rounding

In the Window

  • Reacting to page loading
  • Scrolling
  • Showing a message in the status bar
  • Changing the destination of a link
  • Changing the URL


  • Creating interactive buttons
  • Using an event to change an image
  • React when the mouse cursor hovers over an image map


  • Show the current date
  • Manipulating dates and creating a clock


  • Open a new window
  • Create a floating navigation bar




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