Being able to create tables and manage them; to format and manipulate data; to create and print charts from Excel data.


Knowledge of the Windows work environment.


Excel environment

  • The Excel environment: Quick Access toolbar, ribbon and tabs
  • Customize Quick Access toolbar and the ribbon
  • Live Preview and Paste Preview

Manage spreadsheets

  • Add, rename, delete a worksheet
  • Move and copy a sheet
  • Define a tab color
  • Change the height or width of the formula bar

Manage Tables

  • Enter and validate data
  • Manage rows and columns: add, resize, delete, hide / show
  • Find / Replace data
  • Copy / paste data

Document Management

  • Create / open / save a document
  • Headers and footers
  • The « Page Layout » view


  • Enter and copy formulas
  • Smart tags


  • Insert Function using the wizard
  • Insert function manually, semi-automatic formula input

Format table

  • Format cells
  • Using styles
  • Predefined conditional formats

Present data with a graph(Chart)

  • Create a chart
  • Change / format a Chart
  • Use the chart styles
  • Create and use a chart template
  • Sparklines

Analyze the data tables

  • Create a data table (Insert Table)
  • Sort and filter data tables
  • List filters with search box
  • Sort and filter by font or fill color
  • The Flash Fill

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