Inserting objects in a PowerPoint presentation and knowing their proprieties. Controlling the object alignment and distribution.


Basic Windows and PowerPoint knowledge.



  • Create, format and modify a table
    • Add rows or columns
    • Modify the cell size
    • Merge or split cells


  • Insert a SmartArt (diagram)
    • Modify the SmartArt layout
    • Format a SmartArt
  • Create or modify an organisation chart
    • Add a subordinate
    • Promote or demote levels
    • Move the elements of an organisation chart
  • Convert text to SmartArt graphic


  • Create a chart
  • Modify the chart options


  • Draw a shape
  • Apply a format on a drawn shape
  • Align and distribute objects
  • Draw lines and connect them to an object
  • Merge shapes

Add a WordArt object

  • Create or modify a WordArt object
  • Apply a text effect
  • Modify the WordArt shape


  • Insert images and pictures
  • Apply a picture style
  • Customize picture effects
  • Crop a picture
  • Compress pictures


  • Insert a video or audio file
  • Add an online video
  • Apply a video style
  • Trim (cut out) a video
  • Customize the playback options


  • Insert a Word text (Outline)
  • Export a presentation to a Word document
  • Add an embedded table or a chart from Excel

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